Fashion is all about making a statement. Name one person who wears the same clothing article day in; day out? While it is true that certain individuals hardly give two dimes’ worth of thought to wearing trendy clothes, we are looking at the majority here. What’s interesting is that fashion is a reflection of your persona. You don’t have to invest way too much in branded clothes, but you need to bring out the beast in you for others to gawk at.

However, there is a sense of etiquette that sets apart a head turning attire and the ‘oh-you-just-overdid-it-and-now-it-looks-cringey’ clothing. Take a look at some of the tips below. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a man or a woman, we can guarantee that you will look great while you’re at it. 

Graphic Tees/Sweaters are Lit’
As long as you are wearing it right, graphic tees/sweaters can help you to make a long lasting impression on anyone. A lot of it also depends on your age too. You know if you are a middle aged guy, and you are wearing a Hello Kitty signature on a bland t-shirt, you will be the laughing stock of the whole town.  
Think of Billionaire Boys Club, Quarter Key Apparel, HUF and other companies with minimalistic designs. Such designs are expressive because they tend to say a lot more through very few words/designs etc., especially this hoodie below, which is simply a hand pulling strings on someone's heart, yet it is very effective. 
Playing Hearts Hoodie - Quarter Key Apparel
Full torso designs can also work too, but be careful with how you pair them with the rest of your outfit. Check out this full torso design below. Our Toronto Underground Hoodie, paired with simple black track pants, and a contrasting red hat.
Toronto Underground Hoodie - Quarter Key Apparel


Ladies Beware, Bottom Flannels Are In
So, you want to show the girls on the street how modern you are these days? It is time to layer up like a pro, but with carefully selected matching colors. Button up your flannels for a cleaner look or leave unbuttoned for a more "street" look.
On the same note, if you are considering layering up, think of a uniform design that goes with the overall attire theme. A dark tan hood with laced loops will go perfect with black jeans and sneakers. You can wear Yeezys or Nikes too if you want. Just keep the color combination in mind.
Hats n’ Beanies All The Way
No, we are not talking about fedoras. In fact, don’t even think about donning a fedora if you are about to buy a “hat”. What you need is a proper hat that brings out the suave in you. Snap backs are in as long as they have a catchy logo, some text or chic color. Other hat types should be based on bucket style hats, dad hatsbeanies or a 5 panel.
Jeans Are Kind of a Big Deal
Jeans have always been in fashion one way or another. Baggys are out and skinny fit is in these days. Ladies won’t have any trouble looking for a skinny pair of jeans, but guys do need to give it a thought or two. You don’t want to buy a pair that’s too skinny, or too much on the lose fitting side. Stick with a shape n’ size which is tailored to your body accents.
Streetwear fashion is a constantly evolving phenomenon. What matters the most is how you keep up with latest clothing trends. All we can recommend is that you need to browse around a little before settling for any clothing article. Over the time you will notice that fashion has become your second best instinct. It just takes practice and a bit of planning to bring your A-game to the streets. 

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