Why Soft Clothing is a Must-Have

Why Soft Clothing is a Must-Have

Soft clothing refers to any fabric such as cotton, fleece, silk, satin and so on. It describes fabrics that are soft to feel and soft on the skin.  Clothing has evolved into an industry with countless varieties of fabrics that can be designed into a wide range of apparel such as shirts, pants, dresses, jackets and so on. With so many options to choose from, the average person will want to stock his/her closet with the same variety of fabrics.

This may be fashionable and self-satisfying but it is also important to consider the true benefits of these fabrics before buying. Soft clothing is relatively popular mainly because of their texture but there are other reasons why you need soft clothing. Here are the reasons why soft clothing is a must-have for every person.


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8 Reasons Why Soft Clothing is a Must Have

1. Soft Clothing Is Less Toxic

Most synthetic fabrics such as nylon, rayon, elastane and others are treated with a lot of toxic chemicals during their production. Various studies on fabrics have shown that these chemicals still occur in the fabrics in harmful quantities that can penetrate the skin and cause harm. These chemicals include ammonia which is usually found in rayon, petroleum in nylon fabrics and so on.

Soft clothing, on the other hand, is mostly organic fibers and is hardly treated with such harmful chemicals. Therefore most soft clothing is less toxic and is a healthy choice.


 2. Soft Clothing Is Hypoallergenic

Allergic reactions to synthetic fabrics occur more often than you can imagine. Soft clothing like cotton never gives such complications. Soft clothing is recommended for anyone with sensitive skin or a health issue. This quality also makes soft fabrics the best choice for children's clothes.


 3. Soft Clothing Is Durable

No one wants to invest in clothing that falls apart after been worn a few times. Soft fabrics like silk, linen and high quality cotton have proven to be durable and long lasting to users. The fabrics are tough and can withstand washing, ironing and other activities.


Soft clothing is durable because it is easy to maintain. Cotton shirts and other soft fabric wears hardly retain stains or odours. They wash easy with a suitable detergent and retain their integrity. Cotton, silk and other natural fabrics are also unique because they do not soak in smells that give away your activities. You can cook or work out wearing these soft fabric knowing that it releases the odour into the atmosphere and maintains its original scent better than synthetic materials.


They are better maintained by minimizing washing frequency. Since the fabrics tend to eliminate odours, sweat and moisture quickly they most times feel fresh. This helps to regulate how you wear and iron them.


 4. Soft Clothing Is Comfortable

You would agree that some fabrics make you too conscious of their texture. They probably rustle and crimp at the slightest chance. Some other fabrics can be clingy. They possess an electric charge that creates a static cling. In my personal experience, this is most common with 100% polyester shirts.


Soft clothing, especially cotton, is the most comfortable fabric to wear. They exert a soft, feathery feel on your skin and place no extra weight. Soft clothing makes dressing more natural and convenient. This is why they are perfectly suited for underwear and casual clothing.


 5. Soft Clothing Is Breathable

Breathable clothing is invaluable! Some fabrics can make you feel suffocated and confined. This is because even when they are designed to fit snugly they lack the porosity to let in air and are non-absorbent.

Cotton and Linen allow maximum circulation of air and absorb moisture from your body. The liquid is evaporated into the air and the clothing is hardly considered damp or uncomfortable.

 Other oil-based fabrics like polyester will keep the liquid locked in thus encouraging microbial activity and development of body odour.

Soft clothing keeps you dry and cool on hot days even when they are designed to fit tightly.


 6. Soft Clothing Can Insulate

Aside from improving air circulation between your skin and the fabric, soft clothing can also be used on cold days to keep the warmth in. Some thick sweaters and jackets are designed to maximize insulation. Their soft, skin-friendly texture ensures you are comfortable and not itchy. Wool sweaters are popular for their itchy feel and you are forced to allow your skin to adapt to this feeling or add an extra layer of clothing before the sweater. Soft clothing creates a natural balance between your skin and the weather.


 7. Soft Clothing Is Beautiful

Like any fabric, soft clothing can be designed into an apparel of different sizes and shapes. Their peculiarity does not make them any less suitable for fashionable designs. You can retain your unique style with a variety of soft clothing. They can be worn on any accessories and achieve any look you desire.


The soft texture of the fabrics alongside their bright and diverse colours makes them eye-catching and desirable at most times. Soft clothing can be worn to any occasion and all that really matters is how you can accessorize or complete your outfit just as with any other fabric.


They improve confidence as you rest assured that your fabric can support you. They maintain their form and style. Soft clothing prevents embarrassing moments of clinging, rumpling and itching.


8. Soft Clothing is Something to Show Off

From my personal experience, when wearing soft clothes, I'll often get complimented on how soft my shirt/hoodie is. For example, sometimes when girls hug me (to say hi or goodbye) they'll notice how soft my clothing is and say "Oh my God your shirt is so soft" and then proceed to hug me for longer than normal, multiple times. It can also be a conversation starter if you ever need something to talk about. It works, trust me. Therefore, soft clothing can help you even in social situations, especially because they will have you feeling more confident in yourself.


Quarter Key Apparel is particular about the fabrics we place on our skin. We believe in quality, breathable, soft fabrics that unlock your style and keep you feeling like royalty.


This is why we stock luxurious fabrics that maximize your comfort and enhance your creativity. Soft clothing is easy to maintain, they are beautiful and ultimately healthy. They are a must-have in your closet and are affordably worth your investment. Be sure to choose quality fabrics when you shop. Fabrics that can be found on Quarter Key Apparel.

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