Our Story

Founded in 2017, in the city of Toronto, Canada, the Quarter Key Apparel vision was built on three simple words - Unlock Your Style.

What does that mean?

It means you believe that the clothes you wear say something about who you are; whether you're the bold type or the minimalist type.

However, we didn't want to just stop there.

Some of us know that in the pursuit of profits, the vast majority of clothing brands have opted to cut corners and offer products of questionable quality.

We, at Quarter Key Apparel, decided to only use the fabrics which provide a softness that will have you feeling like royalty - plus they last a long time! This luxurious feeling is best demonstrated with our Luxe T-Shirts and Super Fine Luxe Hoodies.

Let's show the world who you are and feel great doing it. 

The Golden Key

quarter key golden key

This is the Golden Key, which represents our three magic words - UNLOCK YOUR STYLE.

The key is your best friend and it only occasionally makes an appearance (once a month). When you find it, use it to unlock your style at a discount by spinning the wheel to receive your special coupon code.

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